Joysagar Tank: One of the largest man-made water bodies in India

Photo by: Hirock Jyoti Neog

Joysagar Tank, of Historical Sivasagar district of Assam is one of the largest man-made water bodies in India during the Ahom Dynasty in Assam. Though there is not any official data available regarding the myth that "it is the largest man-made water body of Asia Continent with 318 acres area" but the local people belived and demand this myth to be true.

Photo by: Janerdon Das

This Tank was excavated by the most popular King of Ahom Dynasty, Swargadeo Rudra Singha in the year 1697 in the memory of his mother Joymoti. It was constructed within 45 days. Formerly this place was known as "Jerenga Pathar" where Sulikpha also known as "Lora Raja" tortured Joymoti by the "Chaodangs" to get the information regarding her husband Gadapani,who was hiding himself due to the ongoing conspiracy in 'Ahom Raj Family' regarding the next proprietor of Ahom Kingdom or it can be said as the next eligible person to claim the throne of the Ahom King.

Photo by: Janerdon Das

Around this famous historical tank there are several temples. The temples are: Joydol also known as "Sri Kesavarai Visnu Dol", Baidyanath Shiva Dol, Devi Dol or Devi Ghar , Ghanasyam Dol or Nati Gohain Dol, Surya Mandir and Ganesh Mandir.

One of  the glorious Educational Institution of Upper Assam, Sibsagar College,Joysagar is situated on the bank of this historical water body. Both this, the Institue and the Tank seemed to be proportional to one another in case of maintaining the most greenery environment of Sibsagar District. The green and beautiful environment of the Tank and it's bank helped Sibsagar College,Joysagar to be marked as the College with most greenery campus in Assam.

During winters the beauty of this historical Tank increase by thousands of migratory birds. 


Photo by: Janerdon Das

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