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Hello people! Welcome to Curious Sparkle, I am Theamchum Handique, i am from Assam, The state of Nature and heritages. The reason behind Creating this website is none other than to spread some information out there to the world, with a hope that my blogs will help as a dose to the curious people (like me!) Who often use Google for just every bit of curiosity they had. I am a student and preparing for competitive exams so I often busy with Google searching for informations, questions and etc etc. One day I thought of sharing my knowledge to the people who Also wants to know about this things, and then as a result I am come up with the idea of creating a blog and here it is. Moreover, apart from this informations on various topics that will help you to heal your curiosity. I am also going to share informations about my home state. I know lots of people out there in the world are always excited to know about the state Assam, My Assam or you can called it Awesome Assam. I will share some write up here about The cultures , the festivals, the major tourism sites and many more thing about Assam. Your love and support will always inspire me to keep going on. Keep blessings 🙏 And if anything you have found wrong or inappropriate don't hesitate to mention it, Your feedback will help me to grow. If you ever thought of visiting Assam, let me know

If you have any query regrading Site, Advertisement and any other issue, please feel free to contact at curioussparkle.com@gmail.com

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